How it all started in P E

by Rob Elliott




In 1979 the Company I worked for newly opened a garage in Kempton Road RMS Motors (Ronderbosch Motor Supplies).   My boss, John Davis, had bought his Triumph TR2 Sports Car a couple of months earlier from Leon Nel (Leon’s Motors) in Commercial Road on a Saturday afternoon, when Leon was in a rather happy mood for R150,00 and got Dickies to tow it away before Leon sobered up and changed his mind.   When Ashley Benn joined the Co to run RMS. The Triumph was brought to the garage and Ashley stripped the car.   Before the rebuild could be completed the garage closed down and John Davis, not being mechanically inclined, sold the stripped car to me for, if I remember correctly, R300, 00.





My girlfriend lived in East London at the time and one weekend while visiting I came across a Cars In The Park and saw these Triumph TRs which appeared to be similar to what I had, only mine appeared to be bigger.   The folk suggested I contact Prof Roux van der Merwe in PE as he was a member of the TR Register.   I contacted Roux who was very helpful and encouraging.   I joined the TR Register which at approximately this time became the Triumph Sports Car Club of SA incorporating the TR Reg. In late 1979 (Mem. No. 340)





I contacted the other members Tim Robertson, Barry Dix-Peek, Dennis Hurter, Mel Wright and G Schmidt also Roux, and arranged a showing of the movie that had been taken of the First National Gathering at Maselspoort.   The MG Car Club had arranged for me to use the EPVC Clubhouse.   At this meeting I suggested to the members that as there were so few of us, that we take up the offer that the MG Club had made of allowing us to become associate members.   I must thank them for this as I joined and remained a member for many years and enjoyed the outings and camaraderie.




In the meantime the late Neville Whitford, who was living in Humansdorp, his wife Lorna had bought a Spitfire which Neville commandeered and he had joined the Triumph Club (Hon. Mem. 0278).   We got in contact and together with Jon Rademan, Carl Butlion and Karl Illenberger, we ended up with a list of Triumph owners.   We sent a letter dated 23 March 1981 inviting them to our first meeting on Monday 13 April 1981 at the Hunters Retreat Hotel.   17 attended (copies of documents attached).   The FIRST outing was on Sunday 17 May 1981 – breakfast at the Hankey Hotel.




As of now March 2008 the Triumph TR 2 that I bought 29 years ago has had a huge influence on my life, the wonderful friends that I’ve made and places I’ve been – thanks to my TRIUMPH TR2.


Rob Elliott 

Founder Member 

TSCC Port Elizabeth